Assembly Instructions

Horizontal Bar not fitting? 

The issue will be the fabric that may be just too tight. Please stand behind the stroller and reach through the sun roof with your left hand while holding the horizontal bar and take your right hand and push the right handlebar socket. Push the socket away from you while pulling the horizontal bar. This is the best way to get leverage to insert a horizontal ball. Once the fabric is stretched out a bit you won’t  have any more problems getting it in. Also please make sure the fabric isn’t caught up on one of the handlebar sockets 

Video for assembling the medium, large and extra large pet stroller.

Click here for assembly instructions.

Click for how to assemble the front wheel.

Click here to adjust the brake bar.

Click here for definition of brake cables.

Click here for removal of brake cables.

Click here for installation of brake cables.




How to connect the trailer to your bike.

Assembly Instructions

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