Assembly Instructions & FAQ

Click here for assembly instructions.

Click for how to assemble the front wheel.

Click here to adjust the brake bar.


How to connect the trailer to your bike.

Assembly Instructions


Brake Bar Adjustment.

Does your brake bar touch the wheels or don't touch them enough?  Here is a short video to help you adjust the brake bar.


Is there a warranty?

1 year warranty on all products: Warranty is based on manufacture defects. Tires are not included. Please register your product purchased.


Will you ship internationally?

We will ship to Canada and Mexico.

Please contact us and provide us with your shipping address and product of interest.  Our Extra Large pet stroller has an estimated added shipping cost of $150 which includes duties and taxes to QC, Canada. 


Do you have a retail store?

We do not. All is ran out of our warehouse/storage facility.  This keeps our prices extremely low.


How do I adjust the hand break?

This is when the brake peg either sticks out or doesn’t go out far enough to engage with the wheel.  The reason is the handlebar being twisted too many times when installing and uninstalling.

Unscrew the handbrake from the handlebar and let the wire unravel.  Once unraveled put the handbrake back on.  This should fix the brake peg from extending too far out.


Does the trailer collapse and if so, how?

You have to pull the handlebar off which is held on by push buttons. Pull the pin from the horizontal bar that holds the sides up. Both the sides of the trailer will fold down. If you want to take it further you can pull the wheels off. You have to push a button to release the rear wheels. The front wheel is held on by knobs that you unscrew.


How and when do you ship?

We usually ship same day unless the purchase is after 2pm PST. At the moment we ship via UPS ground.  Arrive 1-2 days if on the West Coast, 3-4 days Central, 4-5 East Coast.


Where do I send a return or exchange?

Liquid USA

730 Lake Mead Place

San Ramon, CA



What is a restocking fee?

When items get returned the company must now open the item to ensure there is no damage or missing items.  The item must now be repacked in a new box for resale.  The item must also be sold at a discount as used or like new condition.


Return Policy

Any and all returns (even defective items)  will incur a restocking fee.  Replacement parts for anything defective will be sent out at our cost.  Once it is shipped, the item will have a 20% restocking fee if returned.

We will accept any returns of any unused, undamaged product within 30 days. There is  a 20% restocking fee for any products returned opened as the item will now have to be sold as used/openbox. The shipping fee (if we paid it, “FREE SHIPPING”) is also subtracted from the purchase amount. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost.  For exchanges, buyer is responsible for re-shipping of exchanged product. Product must be shipped in it original packaging.  Any damages in the return transit is the buyer responsibility so please package it the same way you received it.

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